Rabu, 05 November 2008


Hello My Friends,

Welcome to my website ( my blog page) : BALI TOURS GUIDE. Thanks for clicking to my website. How are you today ? I hope you will be good and happy. I’m a tour guide in Bali. My nick name is Dayu, but my real name is Ida Ayu Made Murniasih. You can call me “ Dayu” I could assit you while you in Bali. And I know all of tourism destination and special interesting places in Bali complete with the history. If you have any inquiry about Bali , please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am very happy to inform you about Bali. I will reply your email on time as quick as I can. Caused by I always receive many inquiries or letters to my email, some time I must answer after finished traveling with our customers. So you have an alternative to contact me via my 24 HOURS HOTLINE MOBILE NO: +6281558130357. Or send email to: balitourguides@yahoo.com. Or do chat with me any time if I am online.

I will serve you starting from pick you up at the air port until help you to check out to air port ( if it is required).

I also give you a special FREE SERVICE to down load your digital photo, and digital video camera with CD file.

Some time my customers also interested to have business while they are doing traveling in Bali. I have so many information about handicrafts & furniture products with good quality export, and of course with very competitive prices. I could handle to do sourcing in Bali and ready to be buying agent also. Because I knew all suppliers in Bali ( I mean direct to prime productions from 12 YEARS) so they can bargain and negotiate direct to them. A lot of business chance in Bali especially in export business. I could help you. I knew the export procedure until container shipment arrangement. I could recommended the good cargo company in Bali to you. Caused by I have ever worked in cargo & freight forwarding company for 3 years.

Ok that’s a little bit about my ability and my skills.

Travelling in Bali with me …….. I will do best of my effort, and give all of about my ability in computers. I can use all of soft ware program: Adobe photoshop, AceeDecee, Smart Nero, Nero express, Microsoft Word & Excel, Down loading digital camera & Video. Power Point presentation, Power Point management.